Saturday, February 14, 2009

Final Anim

This is a final version of my Body_Mech_Exercise. C&C are welcomed.

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mariogan said...

Hi me again. I would like to share some thought with u after watching your great work.
At 01:00 i feel that he stops to sudden, maybe 2 more frames for the straighten up body would be better, and the offset timing on the arms and head too, now they seem like come together at the same time :)
I like the little action when he was wondering around. I felt that when the ball hits him, he is 1 frame slower in reaction. After the ball hits him and bounce back, need more spacing in the first 2 frames, so we could have a greater acceleration.
When he contacts the ground after the windmill legs in the air, I think it is better to bend the legs, then 1 frame before the contact pose, the legs should be spreading wider in the air instead of straightening them.
Thank you for ur time and keep producing great work :)