Friday, September 26, 2008



Hammy said...

Technically, I think you got the timing and poses changing to poses towards the end quite nicely! Nice work though! :)

I think it's time for you to move onto something that makes more sense. Right now the poses doesn't really reflect what he is thinking and saying, it came across to me that he is just posing randomly. Plus his emotions doesn't really show here, how is he feeling as he speak? Why did he pose the way you had him posed? Who is he talking to? When he said he didn't want to miss out some birthdays, perhaps you can show more of his frustration about it. :)

Keep it up!

Ben Lam said...

Yoyo, it's great to see your blog here~
I think the timing is real nice!
& I agree with Hammy, is the acting you can enhance it more, let say sometime you can put 1 arm down to show the character turn to be more relax pose (based on the line), rather than you have both arm lift up all the time.. and a subtle acting, to show the 'contrasting beat' in your animation.
Arh, I can't express well with just typing...
It's a good work! GA YAO

Ben Lam said...

hahah I add your blog link in my blog liao, feel free to check my blog!

Bryant Tan Wee Loon said...

hey hey...hammy..sorry for late replies...yea...there are some poses problem happen in here...such as repetition...i'll learn to enhance poses more...:D tqtq~~

elo ah ben~ i've created it not long ago only lolz...i still got a long way to go for acting...T__T i'll add you up aswell! ehehe...u gayao aswell oh!